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Jacqueline takes a limited number of appointments for Individual sessions and Couples sessions every month. Individual sessions are 1-1, focusing on the attachment issues you’re coming up against and how to solve them.  Couples sessions are a collaborative conversation to understand the root of the issues at hand and work towards a harmonious relationship.

If you’d like to book a session with Jacqueline Bush, The Attachment Specialist, click one of the links below to secure your spot today.

“Working with Jacqueline has changed my life, my marriage and the way I work through challenges. She supported me in a compassionate way, working through current and past challenges and giving me strategies to use in the moment. The work I have done with her is invaluable and has changed my life.”


To cancel or reschedule your booking, please contact as soon as possible. Please refer to the Cancellation Policy to view cancellation terms in full. 

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