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“Whether you’re single or not, your attachment style determines the success of your relationships”

– Jacqueline Bush

Jacqueline Bush, The Attachment Specialist

So what is Attachment? 

Our Attachment style shapes how we view love, our partners, our work, money, and even our bodies.  It is at the root of everything, affecting anything we have an attachment to. So if you’re struggling in relationships, you’re struggling with your attachment style. 


In order to become securely attached, the neural pathways in our brains must send signals of support AND connection as we have interaction with others.  However, because many of us learned to survive through avoidance, anxiety, or a combination of the two, our neural pathways send signals of survival VERSUS connection.  Luckily, these same neural pathways are flexible.  When you reshape them for support AND connection, you will become more powerful, possess a more solid understanding of what’s happening in your relationships, and regain the control to build your life the way you want.


By learning the tools for building secure attachment, you can create and maintain healthy relationships in love, work and all of your attachments.

Achieve Secure Attachment Through:

Attachment Styles
Regulation of Your Nervous System in Effective Ways
Challenging Old Patterns and Creating New Neural Pathways

Jacqueline Bush

The Attachment Specialist

Through her specialized system to create and reinforce secure attachment, Jacqueline has seen her clients’ relationships in love, friendship, work, and family thrive. 

Jacqueline Bush, The Attachment Specialist
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